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Fall 2020

Feeling the urge to make something, I discovered I had some ancient leftovers from my IRS Clock project. I'd made a mini-sign of my own at the time, framed in what I think were parts of a broken shoe-rack - university foraging at its best! While it had 4 panels, 2 of the 4 MAX7219 chips were dead. I decided to salvage what worked, throw in an equally ancient Arduino Uno Due, and make something purely decorational.

I played around with a few different random animations, and settled on what I'm calling the side-scroller: a continuous line moving across the matrix that can make a decision to stay straight, or move up/down (bounded by the edges of the matrix) at random.

It's honestly still fun to watch, and to occasionally squeeze really hard to see if you can control the random noise with your mind (no luck yet).

SideScrollerFront     SideScrollerRear