Jonathan Warren

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About Me

I'm an Electrical Engineer living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. My career so far has exposed me to many industries, including wireless telecom, mobile electronics, nuclear power generation, automotive electronics validation, healthcare IT, industrial controls and automation, cloud software platform development, and business analytics. But you aren't going to see anything about that here.

This site is dedicated to everything that hasn't landed on my CV: the projects I've come up with in my spare time as well as those I've been allowed to share from within my work experience. It's half portfolio, half blog - because I think sharing the journey is the most important part. I invite you to take a look, and I hope you see something that inspires you to start your own projects. To me, it has never mattered if a project is big or small, it's about taking time to explore new technologies, new ways of thinking, and unique solutions to interesting problems. Enjoy!