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Fall 2019 to Present

You will be shocked to learn that Halloween is my favourite. In 2019 I decided to finally take things to the next level and use my uncle's house (aptly named The Witch's House) as a staging ground for all my Halloween ideas.

My approach so far has been quite chaotic. I could spend days going through each thing I built, but I think it's more fun to just share the photos and videos of everything I brought together. I do have code saved to my GitHub that you can check out, too.

Halloween 2022

Sadly I was out of the country this year, and was very disappointed not to have been able to celebrate Halloween here. I refreshed a few of the more plug-n-play decorations I made last year to give my uncle. Just means I have to go all out for 2023!

Halloween 2021

This year I decided to go for quantity - using as much of the stuff as I had on hand as I could. The resulting theme was "Mad Rainbow Scientist". I have lots of samples of different types of strip lighting, a Tesla Coil, the Jacob's Ladder... all I really needed was a lab coat!

DeckedOut     TeslaCoil

Here are a few examples of the animation styles I went with for the lights:


Halloween 2020


Halloween 2019

I was still working for wonderMakr at this time, so was able to borrow lots of equipment, including nice A/V hardware, to really kick things off with a bang. My costume leveraged a wireless mic with a voice modulator, and inside my cloak, I installed loads of bright red lights, which would change in their intensity as I talked. I wore all black, to try to give the idea that all I am is glowing lights.

I also set up spotlights in the front yard, and a laser distance sensor by the front door - the idea being that as someone gets closer to the house, the pulsing sounds and lights would get lounder, brighter, and faster. It was a really cool effect, that didn't work so well in the rain and when multiple people came into the yard at once. I doubt anyone noticed besides me.

OokySpooky     WowingMyPeers

Halloween is the best. I'm so excited for next year!