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Escape Room Proof of Concept

Winter 2019

This is a quick one that I wanted to include because it was a fun fusion of my past automation experience with creative technology. We were approached by a party that wanted to create extremely interactive, high-throughput, portable escape rooms to set up in malls and event spaces. For their own reasons, they required the use of a PLC (an industrial logic controller) to drive the components.

They wanted a complete, portable proof of concept they could show to potential investors, and so I set to work building a system based on the rough outline of what they wanted to build, just with LEDs instead of 120VAC lights and electronic door latches, screwheads for capacitive touch instead of railings, and teeny switches instead of big ones.

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In the end I have no idea where this project went or if it ever saw the light of day. Nonetheless it was a lot of fun to put together and play!